Grew  up as the youngest child in a musical family with a talented mother, my first singing teacher, fan and mentor in my life. My four sisters who are professional singers, all my brothers can sing pretty good some of them even play music instruments. I have an advantage of absorbing a variation  of music via my family members's favorites and expertist.


I remembererd I was always chosen to represent my schools in many singing contests. I joined several national level contests and was rewarded with the first runner-up title for a few times.


The passion for singing and desire to perform infront of  the crowd had led me to a career as a professional singer in Bangkok,Thailand and I had a successful career for more than a decade.


A wise man once said " music is reflecting who we are" if that is the case I would describe myself as a rainbow, the four seasons, a unicorn.

My music has it's own mood and temperature which I use to communicate with my audiences and let them enjoy being part of my journey.


My repetoir has a wide range from classic, jazz, pop,oldies and more. It  has allowed me to communicate and entertain more people and fill their hearts with their favorite songs.

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